El que madruga come pechuga

The past three and a half months have come and gone faster than I’ve been able to write a single blog post.  I think that’s a new record.  A lot has happened, but… Continue reading

Es mejor llegar tarde que nunca!

The popular Nicaragua saying, or dicho, is that its better to arrive late than never.  So goes my blog posts. I’m going to try and catch myself up en un solo. A lot has happened… Continue reading

Finding stability on soft footing

Finding stability on soft footing The past handful of weeks has been a great series of advances and challenges.  Nicaragua was swept up in panic several weeks ago after seismic activity caused damage… Continue reading

If it tastes ok, you can probably eat it.

Trying to keep my blog updated is like trying to stop sweating in the fierce midday sun of Chinandega, it just doesn’t happen.  There may be a correlation.  This is me doing my… Continue reading

Más Allá De La Lluvia De Oro

Blogging is more difficult than I anticipated, especially considering my near constant access to internet.  Procrastination and apathy are certainly to blame but I’ve also suffered unsuccessful attempts to upload content and lost… Continue reading

Flat tires, lanchas, and casino style salsa

I’m getting back into the routine here in Chinandega after a very adventurous and interesting holiday season.  I am a health promoter replacing two productive and popular PCVs that served from 2011-2013.  There… Continue reading

Feliz año nuevo y otra cosas

I’m going to dust off the cobwebs on this blog and try my luck at some self-reporting.  A lot has happened in recent months here in beautifully tropical Nicaragua.  As the MINED school… Continue reading

La mejor situación posible

In physics and Nicaragua, time exists in a vacuum.  Whether you are productive or unproductive, happy or sad, constipated or regular, the days pass into weeks, and the weeks into months.  Since my… Continue reading

Un fin de semana de pesadillas

Coming back from campuzano Sunday afternoon, I thought I had figured out Nicaragua’s turbulent shower cycle.  Once I got back to my house, I realized I was completely wrong.  Apparently, it had rained… Continue reading

Volcán el Chonco – the anticlimactic

Time is always moving fast but it seems to be moving at unearthly speeds here in Nicaragua.  Whether it’s waking up in your own bed in another country, getting up at night and… Continue reading